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24.4. 2015

Josef Ackermann

Excerpts from the Discussion with Josef Ackermann By Max Bleyleben, Contributing Editor March 2014 You were one of the first...

23.4. 2015

Munib Al Masri

Munib Al Masri, Chairman, PADICO Holdings The Business of Peace: The World’s Richest Palestinian Wants to Break the Impasse By...

22.4. 2015

Raouf Ghali

Bridging Continents, Q&A with Raouf Ghali, Hill International. Founded in 1976, Hill International is today one of the top ten...

13.4. 2015

Harry Vafias

Harrys Vafias: The ambitious CEO of Brave Maritime Corp, Stealth Maritime Inc. & StealthGas Inc. July 2014 Tell us about...

27.3. 2015

Benaki Museum celebrates Islamic influence in Greece

Covering Islamic art from the 7th through the 19th centuries, the Benaki Islamic Art Museum in Athens’ historic centre boasts...

24.3. 2015

Bloomberg BusinessWeek Middle East

Bloomberg Businessweek Middle East provides new perspectives on business, politics and society in the Middle East and North African (MENA)...

24.3. 2015

Middle East Business Magazine & News

Middle East Business Magazine & News provides high quality information about business dynamics and pertinent economic and socio-economic issues, high...

24.3. 2015

CEO Roundtable Greece & China, April 4th, 2014 To read more Greece is progressively regaining the trust of the international business community. Reforms and restrictive fiscal...

23.3. 2015

Max Bleyleben

Max Bleyleben, Contributing Editor, Introducing Leaders,Roundtable Summary, Introducing Leaders Strategic CEO Roundtable

23.3. 2015

Panos Mihalos

Panos Mihalos, Secretary General for international economic development, Government of the Hellenic Republic, Presentation, Introducing Leaders Strategic CEO Roundtable